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The Debacle CastChristopher Koenig
(Vaughn McDaniels)

Chris has worked in film, commercials and theater over the last 20 years. Favorite roles include the lead character in the film "Waterproof", Conrad Birdie in "Bye, Bye Birdie" and Moonface Martin in "Anything Goes". He is the co-owner of Four80 Vault Films and performs regularly as a stand-up comedian. Chris makes his home with his wife and three children in Clarksville, Indiana.
The Debacle CastRyan N Wood (Larry Mizzell)

Ryan has spent the last 8 years in the entertainment business as a performer and producer of musical productions from Las Vegas and throughout the country. Ryan is the co-owner of Four80 Vault Films and Presley Productions and is currently working as an actor, editor and director of Indie Films and television commercials.
The Debacle CastVictoria Vega
(Rosa Callaghan)

Victoria has been pursing her love for acting, singing and dancing for over 15 years. Her professional career includes films, TV shows/commercials and theatre. Recent accolades include the lead role as the Devil in "Thirteen," Bonnie in the theatre production, "Anything Goes", T.V. Show "Stardust and the Bandit" and various commercials. Currently she is working as an actress, singer, dancer and stuntwoman at Old Tucson Studios.
The Debacle CastSimeon Burks

Simeon Burks was born in Lake Wales, Florida and currently makes his home in New Albany, Indiana . He attends Indiana University Southeast and is pursuing a degree in psychology. He has toured nationally performing on stage as an actor and stand up comedian. Simeon enjoys writing, shooting and directing short films.

The Debacle CastLarry Chaney
(Rev. Callaghan)

Larry is a veteran of the stage and has spent decades playing roles at theatres in and around Louisville, Kentucky. He is an accomplished actor, producer and director. Past roles include Horrace Giddens in "The Little Foxes", Ken Gorman in "Rumors" and has been seen in other productions such as "Fiddler on the Roof", "Guys and Dolls" and "The Shadow Box". Larry directed CLT's Thoroughly Modern Millie.
The Debacle / Matt NewtonMatt Newton
(William Malachi)

Matt has worked as an actor, vocalist and entertainer his entire adult life. Notably, he spent a year performing in Japan and later went on to star at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee playing the role of Phil Everly in the show "Bye, Bye Love". In addition to his solo singing career, Matt currently can be seen on the stage of the General Jackson in Nashville.


The Debacle CastJohn Gammons

John (Jay) Gammons has been in the movie business most of his life. His first role was with John Wayne in "Rio Bravo". He has been an extra for many movies and has had speaking parts in over 6 or more movies. He created his own town called Gammons Gulch which is a Movie Set and Museum. He and his wife, Joanne, continue to have new productions done at their location. Come visit them at; or on facebook at Gammons Gulch.
Additional Actors

Amy Koenig "Emilia Henderson"
David L Hight - "Elijah"
Bill Crouch - "Roger"
Mike Becht - "Mr. Carter"
Brett Frame - "Brian"
Natalie Wood - "Christine McDaniel"
Jason Skaggs - "Roland"
Isaac Neal - "Gibby"
Rebecca Chaney - "Laura Henderson"
Shane Neawedde - "Danny"


Billy Templeton - Bandit
Steve Conklin - Bartender
Michael Apollo Hubly - Bar Patron
Nica Spritz Statman - Malachi's Girlfriend
Marti Cooper - Train Station Clerk
Johnny Fussell - Carter's Employee
David Willinghurst - Carter's Employee
Kim Gallegos - Carter's Employee
Bob Albrecht - Carter's Employee
Stephanie Hill - Pumkinville Resident
Anna Caffarel - Pumkinville Resident
Jamie Lilly - Pumkinville Resident
Gary Schindler - Pumkinville Resident


Donald Balagna - Pumkinville Resident
Tracy Conklin - Pumkinville Resident
Jamie Lynn Hoggan - Pumkinville Resident
Josiah Koenig - Pumkinville Resident
Caleb Koenig - Pumkinville Resident
Lillian Koenig - Pumkinville Resident
Kenneth Stuart - Pumkinville Resident
Kathy Chaney - Pumkinville Resident
Russ Cornish - Pumkinville Resident
Celeste Cornish - Pumkinville Resident
Ronda Wood - Pumkinville Resident
Rose Vega - Pumkinville Resident
Jonathon Bell - Pumkinville Resident
Lori Bell - Party Attendee
Joe Koressel - Party Attendee
Alisha Jecker - Party Attendee
Nikole Skaggs - Party Attendee
Ezra Phelps - Party Attendee
Joel Phelps - Party Attendee
Tara Koressel - Party Attendee
Sakura Koressel - Party Attendee

Special Thanks

Anna Marie Drost
Diane Pritchard
Mark Flint
Madeline Puzzo
Greig Ward
Jesse Bell
Lori McSweeney
Darla Ingle
Kathryn Hunter
Dan Koenig
Donna Koenig
Haylee Wood
Brett Frame

Special Thanks

Don Balagna
Jonathan Bell Photography
Presley Productions
Old Tucson Studios
Bell Livestock
LM Sugarbush
The Costumery
Gammon's Gulch
Bell Livestock
Subway - Benson, Arizona
How Sweet It Was - Tucson, Arizona
Steve Wood - Dreamhouse Studio

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